Inform yourself
On the following page you will find our range of analyses subdivided into the various bundles of Block analyses. The blocks are arranged thematically by medical indicaton/organ system, which are useful and meaningful in combination.
Further continuative tests are available on request.

Come by
Just walk in! Just come by and see us, even without an appointment. To that we can avoid waiting times, book appointment here.

Suitable treatment rooms are available for blood and sample collection. Our blood collection rooms are well equipped, Our trained and experienced team will collect your samples quickly, painlessly and absolutely professionally.

Laboratory findings
Depending on the analyses, you will receive the results within 24 hours to 7 days. You will receive the results via e-mail or by mail if you wish.

In the case of analyses performed without a doctor’s order, only cash or card payment is possible. Billing via the compulsory health insurance (according to tax points) is only possible with a doctor’s order.

Per order/visit a one time handling fee incl. Delivery of findings of CHF 27 as well as the costs for blood collection of CHF 8 are charged All prices are incl. VAT

Consultation and interpretation of findings
The results are shown with their respective reference range/normal values on the report. Values that lie outside this range are marked with a *. We recommend that you discuss deviating values with a medical professional.

All measured values are checked in the background by the medical staff and duplicated if necessary. Clinically relevant results outside the reference range are reviewed with the laboratories own medical specialist management and the recommendations (without therapy recommendation) is communicated to you.

Note on reference ranges: The values within a reference range include 95% of a healthy normal population.

Important: Laboratory analyses performed in the walk-in laboratory do not replace regular visits with a general practitioner.